I love new ideas. I love being engaged in multiple projects. Hence my various businesses, products and services.

At 16 I ran my first business. I posted a notice in the local post office that I would do clothing alterations. I found two things: one was that I had to spend the first 5 minutes explaining to customers that, yes, I was going to do the alterations – not my mother! And secondly, I really disliked doing alterations.

So that didn’t last long. But since then I’ve been involved in some kind of entrepreneurial venture constantly, often more than one at a time.

I trained in fashion design, graphic design (and interior design, although I’ve never made that into a business), graphology, career counselling, life coaching, and numerous online marketing/ web design related trainings. Brainstorming on any of these topics is pure joy to me!

I’ve always loved writing and journaling, and once I started to write books on my various businesses and experience, I learnt all about “Indie” (independent) publishing and how to get your word out there in print, in a variety of formats. That has morphed into my Creative Techie services.

As a Boomer myself, I have gained an interest in the 50+ group and ¬†using my 20+ years coaching and career/lifestyle counselling, I offer¬†Career/Lifestyle & Personal Development Coaching for 50+, and also run an online course for this same age group called “Life Work Re-Design 50+: 7 Simple Steps to Joyful Work Life Choices.” These can be for work choices, but not necessarily to find paid employment or entrepreneurial ventures (although I work with this too) but for anyone of this age group who is looking for a more fulfilling life, to make their later years count, and to find meaning, stay connected and thoroughly enjoy this phase of their life.

I hope you find my site interesting and useful. Please contact me (form on right of screen) if I can help you, if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions – or just to say “hi.”

Fiona MacKay Young



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